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1. Name of the product- Essential M
2. Brief of product-Micro minerals and macrominerals play an essential role in cell activity on a daily basis. They help our bodies produce hormones, enzymes, and other vital compounds that not only keep our bodies running smoothly, but also help us grow and develop. Essential M gives your body all of the minerals it needs to be healthy.
3. Description of the product- Minerals are inorganic compounds that our bodies require to operate properly, but that we cannot produce on our own. To ensure that our bodies receive the minerals they need for health, we must consume a diet rich in various nutrients. When used as directed, the Essential M pills are beneficial to a healthy lifestyle.
4. Specification of the product- Essential M has Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, potassium, copper, silica, molybdenum, iodine, chromium, manganese, and selenium for a healthy body
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● EnzAid™ contains a spectrum of enzymes to help you digest carbohydrates, fats, and proteins all three of the major food components.
● From the first day you take it, EnzAid™ will be helping your natural process of digestion and start to soothe your digestive system.
● It’s simple only one capsule per day with your first meal is the perfect dose for most people.
● There are no commonly-recognized contraindications or negative side effects to taking Digestive EnzAid™.
● Not only is EnzAid™ designed to offer relief from occasional bloating, gas, or discomfort, but it might help you derive more nutritional value from the foods you eat.
● EnzAid™contains natural enzymes at a higher activity level than many similar products.

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DIACARE is a safe Nutritional Supplement that provides specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are suitable for the people with Diabetes. It is an all-natural, safe, and gentle nutritional base product with no harmful side effects..

There are two basic causes of Diabetes type 2 which are :

a) Insulin is not produced or produced insufficiently due to a damaged, inflamed, exhausted or mal-developed pancreas

b) Insulin is not used efficiently due to insulin resistance

DIACARE is different from competitors, in a number of ways. DIACARE has been developed through Western style scientific analyses in one of the best manufacturing facility in the USA. DIACARE can be used safely in conjunction with conventional pharmaceutical drugs.
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Keep the blood healthy and thin
reduces the risk of blood clotting
reduces the risk of micro clots in blood
Supports Normal Coagulation +
Digestive Aid
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Have you ever heard of someone lamenting that they cannot eat certain types of food because those foods leave them bloated, passing gas or experiencing stomach discomfort? Well, these stomach discomforts arise when the enzymes are not enough in the body to support digestion.
In other words, after eating, enzymes are responsible for breaking down the food eaten. They break down food into nutrient pieces like amino acids, simple sugars, cholesterol, and fatty acids. The lack of enough enzymes leads to a lack of breakdown of food and consequently, the lack of essential nutrients for the body.